The Incredible Story of the Identical Twins Who Look Nothing Alike

Adam and Neil Pearson are identical twins, but you’d never know it from looking at them. Although they share the same DNA, their appearances are vastly different; each suffers from neurofibromatosis, a rare genetic disorder that has affected them in divergent ways. They tell their story in this deeply moving short documentary. “The Pearson Twins” was directed by Jonathan Braue ( Read more here. Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

11-Year-Old Twins Chieko And Chihiro Impress With Their Cosplays And Here Are 19 Pics Of It

Chihiro and Chieko are twin girls who always dress to express their love for cosplay and fandom. Although they are just 11 years old, their costumes are always impressive and accurate to the characters they impersonate. The girls have been cosplaying ever since they were 3 years old.  The twins’ parents are very supportive and dedicate hours upon hours in order to properly reference photos and then find fitting materials for the perfect costumes. The apparition of twins as Weeping Angels from Doctor Who was so realistic that the participants of the convention could hardly believe they weren’t actual statues. #1 Weeping Angels The Weeping Angels are a race of predatory creatures from the long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who, resembling …