Marianne Williamson Defends Power of the Mind Tweet at Climate Forum

During MSNBCs Climate Forum 2020 on Thursday, moderator Ali Velshi pressed Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson to explain why she tweetedwriting, ridiculous. two minutes of prayer, visualization, meditation is not enough if you are hoping to move just a fork across a table by the power of your mind. And its so stupid to delete a tweet when youre in the public eye, Williamson added. Because all that means is its going to get more attention. As soon as I deleted it, I went, Oh no! Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

Marianne Williamson Grilled by Trevor Noah on Vaccines

After popping up on Real Time With Bill Maher over the past couple of weeks, 2020 candidate Marianne Williamson made her Daily Show debut on Tuesday night. And she was met with some harsher scrutiny than she received from those other two late-night hostseven if it didnt end up in the section of the interview that actually aired on TV. Trevor Noah started his interview with some semi-backhanded compliments. It seemed like you were out of your depth during the first Democratic presidential debate in June, he said, but by the second debate last month he noted that she was the most googled candidate on the stage. Why do you think youre connecting with so many people who first thought …