Bear Gifts Deer Bones To Guard Dog In Exchange Of Being Allowed Access To This Mans Trash

Famous kingpin Pablo Escobar said, “Everyone has a price, the important thing is to find out what it is,” and apparently for one man’s guard dog his price was some deer bones. In a tweet that has since gone viral @JesseNeon shared with the internet that, the animal that is supposed to be mans’ best friend, was in fact not as loyal as he thought.

In a series of photos shared by the Ontario resident, he explained that on three separate occasions his “furry idiot son” Brickleberry had accepted bones from a crafty bear in exchange for rummaging through their trash.

Image credits: JesseNeon

Jesse posted that his dog Brickleberry was in fact not a very good guard dog, as he has been letting a bear get away with rummaging through their trash in echange for deer bones.

Image credits: JesseNeon

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Brickberry or ‘Brick’ can be seen here enjoying his bribe. According to his owner he is a “mastiff/hound mutt with some beagle in him, and is the best boy. He is great with kids and apparently bears.” Jesse raised him after his mom died a few days after he was born.

Image credits: JesseNeon

Image credits: JesseNeon

Evidence from the crime scene of trash strewn about from their large intruder. The tweet was posted on Wednesday and amassed over 35,000 retweets in one day – I mean who doesn’t love a true crime story?

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Image credits: JesseNeon

It became clear to Jesse that perhaps Brick was not cut out for the job

Image credits: JesseNeon

Maybe not the best guard dog but his owner assured the internet he was still a good boy

Image credits: JesseNeon

Image credits: JesseNeon

Image credits: JesseNeon

Image credits: JesseNeon

A study on black bears found they are the most common bears in North America — and have only killed 63 people in the United States and Canada over the last 109 years.Experts state that black bears are less confrontational than grizzlies and polar bears because of how they evolved.“Black bears evolved in thickly forested areas and can escape to the top of a tree, so they never really had to defend themselves,” said Chris Morgan, a bear ecologist who wrote the just-published “Bears of the Last Frontier” told The New York Times.

People loved the story of the ‘Honey Heist’ and thought humans could learn a thing or two

Image credits: AmandaaaYG

Image credits: CeramicOwlbear

While others feared for the dogs safety sleeping outside with bears

Image credits: stereosaur

To which Jesse assured them was absolutely safe

Image credits: JesseNeon

Who doesn’t love unlikely friendships or alliances

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Image credits: JesseNeon

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